The Next Step

Even though we haven't been as active as we like this year, we have many ideas on the horizon for 2016. We plan on being active in the craft fair scene, marketing our products online and even have some new ideas for projects. 

Speaking of new ideas, we found a new startup company that have a great tool for the creative people out there. Instead of going into a lengthy description about it, just watch their video here:

Glowforge can revolutionize the small/home businesses out there. We have high hopes for this product and are confident they can deliver. At the time of this blog post, you can get a Glowforge for half price BUT only you act now as the discount will only be active for the next five (5) days!

If you would like to support us and purchase a Glowforge for yourself, please use our affiliate link and it will give both YOU and the Creative Pear Paperie Team an additional $100 discount on your order on top of the 50% off!

I'm not trying to push anyone to get this product and suffer from buyer's remorse. Please do your research and if this device is something you can use for your projects, join the thousands of others who purchased a Glowforge.

For those who are a bit skeptical about the product, you can visit their community website here and do some digging. The only ones who post in there are the buyers and they have great insite on laser cutters in general:

I found this particular thread to be more interesting:

Feel free to ask us any questions and thanks for those who support us!

Welcome to Creative Pear Paperie 2.0 via SquareSpace

So I've been doing my best in trying to be a jack-of-all-trades type of guy. My background in programming has given me the skills to communicate with the computer unlike many other people, but alas I found that I am fighting an uphill battle. I went a different direction in my life back in college and decided to go towards my passion, art. Even though it's painfully obvious that this was not the best move financially, I have always believed that you should be basing your career in something you enjoy doing for the rest of your life. After all, that is what you will be doing for the rest of your life. At least until you realize you need another change, but not many people have the luxury of shifting gears in the middle of their careers. 


Anyway I didn't mean to go off on some tangent about myself. I am here basically to announce the new Creative Pear Paperie 2.0; now hosted by the awesome I have known of SquareSpace for many many years now and it wasn't until this year that I decided to go with them. Why do you ask? Because I was tired of fighting the traditional web design system of using WordPress. I felt a bit overwhelmed in keeping WordPress updated, along with creating new material for our small home business, working my full-time design job; all while somewhere in between spend time with my friends and family. Let's not forget having a few minutes to myself enjoying my favorite past time, videogames! I just can't do it all. I can't master how to use Wordpress, CSS, PhP, Javascript and a slew of other web developer skills. At least not right now. 

With SquareSpace, I recreated our website using a template and started filling in the pages with our content. You will find that not a WHOLE LOT has changed. However, internally, there has been a massive overhaul. For those of you who know or use WordPress, you might find this a lot easier to use. Gone are the days of hoping to keep up with new versions and being on the look out for some jabroni hoping for a successful php injection and taking your website away! No more updating plug-ins hoping that everything still works with the newest version of WordPress 2.101-035.3. 

There have been many popular websites, vlogs and social media gurus that have recommended SquareSpace in the past and now is the perfect time for me to join. Hopefully this will give me the time I need to concentrate on what I came here to do and that is showcase our letterpress projects and even few other things we have coming down the pipeline. 

I hope you guys like the new website. Please come back again as we will be updating it as much as possible and hopefully not as many tangents either. 

If you were interested in using SquareSpace just go in and check it out. There's a free trial with no credit card needed and you can see how easy things get. If you decide to purchase you can use my email (jammin316 at gmail dot com) when they ask who refereed you. I have no idea what I get from that but I'm assuming I can at least get a 10% discount next time I have to renew. 

~ Joey
Mid-Tier Letterpress Printer,
Photoshop Fiend, Illustrator Fanatic,
and a Mediocre Gamer Extraordinaire

Candle Tags

We created these little guys for the new line of products we made to expand our little company. It was a last minute thing but it turned out great. We haven't finalized the name just yet but for the moment it works for us. These guys were letterpressed with on a 110 lb Classic Crest paper.