In 2011, Joey and Leslie Paragas  built Creative Pear Paperie as a way to expand JoeyLeslieCreative, their design business, and branch out into letterpress specialty printing.  They wanted to “Wow!” their customers, not just by their designs, but also by how it was presented.  They amazed their clients by how their invitations looked and felt.

What is letterpress?  It is a printing method which dates back to 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg created moveable type in which each letter is casted, arranged and manually pressed onto paper.  Today, modern letterpress requires a custom plate to be made and designed specifically for each project.  Joey and Leslie still maintains the traditional letterpress by manually feeding each sheet in to the machine with lots of love and care.  Each sheet is individually inspected for its quality.  They take pride in their products and would give clients nothing but the best.

Letterpress is a combination of vintage meets modern.  It is a unique style which can only be achieved through letterpress.  Give the gift of letterpress cards and invitations to your family and friends and they will feel the “Wow!”

We use 100% cotton paper made in the USA by Crane & Co.  We offer other paper options, just ask and we will help.

Behind the Press

Joey Paragas, Co-Founder

As an alumni of California State University, Fullerton’s Graphic Design and Illustration programs, being a creative designer was more than just a hobby; it was a primary focus of my career. During my undergrad years of college, I was exposed to many different forms of printing. At that time, I was first introduced to letterpress. I grew an affinity for its unique, one-of-a-kind printing method. Unfortunately, with the use of hundreds and thousands of wooden or metal type and images, in addition to using a rare, large, bulky machine, I knew it was not going to be attainable for this college student. However, I did not let that stop me. I knew some day I would have my own machine.

Many years have passed and I have learned even more since my days in school. Using my knowledge of various Adobe programs and polymer plates, I can now print anything my imagination can think of on my very own letterpress machine.

Leslie Paragas, Co-Founder

I’m addicted to paper, typography, and all things girly!  I am the owner of, a lifestyle blog dedicated to archiving amazingly pretty and yummy creations created by others and myself!  This may sound a little (ok, maybe, really) disturbing, but the sound a letterpress machine makes as it indents each paper, gives me chills and tingles throughout my body!  There’s something about paper and ink that makes me giddy. I’m reminded everyday that I am so lucky and blessed to have this business so that I can serve you with a smile and a helping hand.  I welcome your E-mails, even to just say hello and follow me on my social media networks!

Here’s to you and paper, a lovely ‘pear’!

Our Office Staff:

Cotton, The Malti-Poo

A paper veteran and lover of paper shreds and cotton threads.  A natural Malti-poo. He loves to pick up paper and thread and play with it.  He loves squeaky toys and will bring you a toy to play.  His favorite treat? Cheerios!

Meeko the Beastmaster, The Long-Haired Dachshund

Creative Pear Paperie’s world’s best security guard and door greeter.  A cuddly long haired dachshund who loves to sleep next to your feet.  He is a people lover and a Cotton bugger.  He just loves to cuddle with you!  His favorite treat? Meat!

Meet the Machines:

Oscar the Grouch (aka Oscar)

A Chandler and Price 10″ x 15″ Model-N.  We acquired him back on April 15, 2011 out in Montecito Heights, California.  He’s our green, grumpy, big guy!  When we first got him, he was very temperamental and would not cooperate with us.  With lots of TLC, he began to trust us (or rather, we started to trust it).  Oscar produces really nice deep impressions which our clients have loved.

Little Lucy

A Kelsey Model-U 5″ x 7″ table top press.  She is our little petite machine named after Leslie’s favorite red head, Lucy Ricardo.  We like using her for smaller projects and for teaching purposes.  Lucy likes to go on field trips for show and tell to teach young children about how printing began before Hewlett Packard and computers ever existed.